Meet the Artist Naïma Audant


Aloha and Thank You for visiting my website!

I hope my artwork helps awaken and activate something special within you.

Growing up in Haiti, I gained an appreciation for making art from a young age, and our home was filled with spiritual and esoteric materials which have always influenced my imagination and creations. I moved to Maui as a young adult and after attending business school, my path led me into the healing field as a massage therapist, yoga teacher, and life coach.

In my early thirties, I experienced a new wave of inspiration, bringing me back to painting as a form of creative expression.

Today I still live in Maui, Hawaii and I paint mostly Mandalas. The Mandalas I create are infused with positive intentions. Some are created with real gemstones and crystals.

Through my art, I hope to help people realize their true spiritual essence and find harmony within themselves and the world around them.